2018 Open Show – April

21 April 2018 – Judge Mr. R. Ian Millar (Turnlaw)

Best in Show with judge Mr. Ian Millar
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Judge’s Critiques

Our first KC licensed Open Show, held at Outwood Memorial Hall, Wakefield, Near Leeds.

Our judge, Mr. Ian Millar, who had travelled from his home in Melrose, Scotland, attracted an entry of 104 Japanese Chins. Thank you to all the exhibitors who came for Ian’s opinion of their dogs. The order of the day was smiles all round.

Thank you to all the committee members for putting on a super show and for the photos and results put up so swiftly on Facebook by our “roving reporter” Kay Farrier. I’m sure that we all went home extremely tired but very happy.

“I was absolutely delighted to judge the very first Open Show of this new and vibrant breed club. The committee (and, of course, me!) were thrilled to receive a splendid entry of 94 dogs making 106 entries. Many exhibitors had entered several dogs and lots had travelled significant distances to support this special show. Thank you all. I had a lovely day.

There were lots of typical, attractive chins in the entry, not all in their best party clothes after our tedious, dreary winter and as always, I had to make many compromises between type, condition and movement along the way. Movement was certainly a bit worrying here and there, especially front action but there were sufficient good moving dogs to more than save the day.”

Ian Millar

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Judge’s Critiques


1. Ratter’s SHANTALLAH HARUTO AT SEAFAR. A 7½ year old b/w dog moving freely and purposefully. He was in good coat, presented to advantage and although a fraction strong in head, his overall outline was elegant and eye-catching. The head is balanced with round, dark eyes, well-padded muzzle and a typical outlook. His construction is on sound lines and he carried himself with assurance.
2. Bailey’s POCHINKA EDWARD BEAR AT ALDORICKA. An 11½ year old b/w in fine coat and condition and looking nowhere near his age. Not quite as animated and free on the move now but a quality exhibit with appealing head properties, characteristic expression, good overall construction and correct feet.
3. Mowatt and Gillhespy’s ASMENA PETER PAN.

1. Ratter’s SLEEPYHOLLOW SOLOMON SEAFAR. An 8 month old b/w boy who was not entirely sure of himself at first but who finally settled to move steadily. He has lots of time and given his good, basic construction, I feel sure that he will continue to improve and fill his frame, losing the slightly long-cast look of the baby. His head properties are good, with pleasing skull to muzzle proportions, sufficient cushioning, correct nose placement and round, dark eyes showing a touch of white as required. Has decent shoulders, some width to the chest already and maintains a level topline. There is the promise of a good coat to come.
2. Rushton’s SANGRIA STANDING OVATION AT TIFLIN. Another 8 month baby, very sweet and appearing a little finer and longer in loin at this stage. His head is typical although I would like a slightly better finish of underjaw and he has an enchanting, astonished expression. Like his rival, he moved cleanly and steadily and he just needs time to gain in confidence and mature. Very much where he should be at this point and will only get better with age.

1. Jackson’s TIANSHIH MIZUKI TAKARA. 9½ months r/w who was just full of himself. This lad moved cleanly and stylishly although a fraction undisciplined at times and his carriage was assured and confident. He has good lay-back of shoulder, sufficient length of neck, a level back, some width to the chest, reasonably short loin and good bend of stifle. Each part of his head is in harmony, he has dark, expressive eyes, correct ear carriage and his nose, if a little too pink at the moment, is placed correctly. Carried a good puppy coat. Very promising at this stage. BP.
2. Moss’ OUZLEWELL ARTFUL DODGER OF DELPHLANDS. Attractive youngster, a little bit longer in muzzle and a tad longer cast overall at the moment but with many qualities and lots of time. His head is fundamentally good with a typical expression, well-carried ears, some cushioning and large, round eyes. He holds a level back-line and should fill out and develop with maturity. Coat coming along nicely. 3.Flynn’s LINJATO KANJIROU.

1. Jackson’s TIANSHIH MIZUKI MICHIKO. Another 9 month pup, looking a fraction long just now and seemingly at an in-between stage already. He will obviously fill out in time since he is a little narrow and restricted at the front but he is basically well put together and has time on his side. His action was a little short at the front but increasing width to the chest should remedy that since his shoulder-lay is adequate. His head is characteristic with everything in balance and his expression is pert and surprised. Carries the promise of a good coat. A typical exhibit.
2. Thomas’ DZHUNKO GIN DE IMPERIUM AURI AT JAVALCY. A heavily coated b/w who looked a little too chunky at first but on the table, I realised that the coat was very dense and almost obscured the well-constructed frame underneath. The head is very pleasing with all parts in proportion, a rounded skull, correct nose placement, good ear-carriage and a well-placed nose, ensuring a characteristic outlook. Did not really settle on the move.

NOVICE (6,1)
1. Leach’s DANIEL SOLE CHYNL ANGEL (IMP). A dark red/sable junior dog, very neat and balanced overall and moving swiftly and cleanly. Not the biggest but everything is in proportion and he presents a compact outline with some width to the chest, a level back and firm quarters. Perhaps he could have a mite more width to his skull but the head-piece is appealing nonetheless and he looks startled, his well-shaped eyes showing white in the corners and his nose well-placed. Another who will change with time and it will be interesting to see the finished product since the essentials are all there.
2.Flynn’s LINJATO ISSEY MIYAKE. A b/w puppy, a fraction longer cast at this point, very outgoing and as a result, not making the most of himself on the move. Has an attractive head, arguably a mite long in muzzle but with dark, appealing eyes, correct ear carriage and adequate finish to the underjaw. Needs time to fill his frame and learn the ropes of showing.
3. O. Artful Dodger of D.

1. Jackson’s TIANSHIH KYOSHI YOSHIKKO. This dog rang a bell and when I checked later, I realised that he had been my BOB and BPIS last time I judged at a Group show. I still liked him very much but he was in naughty mode to-day and did not concentrate. If he slacked off, he could stand at 10 to 2 but his overall construction is good and although over-enthusiastic, he moved steadily and cleanly. Possesses attractive head qualities, ensuring balance in that area and his expression is very taking with particularly expressive eyes. Not in full coat but well presented.
2. Thomas’ JAVALCY ROCK ON TOMMY. A very attractive dog with a slightly squarer outline than the winner. His head is good with dark eyes, correct ear carriage and some width between the ears. A little longer in muzzle but not enough to detract unduly. Basic construction is sound, he retains a level topline and his loin is short and firm. In good coat. Just not giving it his best shot.

LIMIT (8,2)
1.Mountcastle’s HOLMCHIN GORGEOUS GEORGE. An eye-catching, elegant dog in beautiful coat and condition. Not the biggest but no mistaking his gender. His head is all in proportion with excellent cushioning, well-placed nose, round eyes which are dark enough and excellent ear carriage. He has good width to his chest, his elbows are tight, the back level, the loin short and taut and he displays good bend of stifle. Carries his high-set tail in a graceful plume over his back to complete a very pleasing picture. Moved swiftly and lightly to take RBIS behind his litter brother.
2. Thomas’ ZHORZH MARSHAL AT JAVALCY IMP. Had this b/w down as the winner on the first look round but he did not settle in to his stride on the move although he appeared fundamentally sound. He is perhaps the merest touch longer cast and a fraction longer in muzzle but otherwise, there is little to criticise. His construction is good, he projects a clean outline and his head is very typical and balanced. In lovely coat and condition. A useful dog.

OPEN (11,3) An interesting class with some variations in size, type and action.
1. Pearce and Hann’s HOLMCHIN SECRET AFFAIR WITH RAKUCHIN. A very elegant, imperious dog, beautifully balanced and presenting an impressive outline. His head is lovely, all of a piece with fairly dark, liquid eyes, correct ears and a well-padded muzzle. Showing some tear-staining from our windy winter, which can be hard to shift but otherwise, his expression was very characteristic. He has a wide chest, well-placed shoulders, a level back, firm quarters and excellent angulation. Carries a long, silky coat, profuse and thick round the neck and with long ear fringes and a rich plume. Moved swiftly and firmly with clean, high-stepping parallel action. BIS.
2. Godbehere’s CHARNELL KENJI AT TILLASHBY. This attractive b/w scored in movement where he went cleanly and stylishly. Has a very appealing head with all the essentials and an astonished, interested expression. His construction is good and he holds a square outline with a firm topline, wide chest, short loin, decent bend of stifle and good feet. Can stand a little wide at the front if allowed to relax but his elbows are tight and the shoulder-lay is correct. In good coat.

1. T.MIZUKI TAKARA. Best Puppy.
2. Gillhespy and van Baaren-Grob. An attractive little dog with good head properties, an alert, characteristic expression and a look of surprise. He is built on correct lines and moved freely and firmly. He is 2½ years old but I felt that he still has some maturing to do to finish completely in both body and coat. Typical exhibit.


1. Pearce and Hann’s CHOYA TAKARA OF RAKUCHIN. A typy 7½ year old bitch who presented a pleasing outline although not quite in her best bib and tucker. Her head is typical with good proportions, round eyes, small, high-set ears and adequate padding to the muzzle. Her chest is wide, the back level, the quarters firm and her tail completes the overall picture, dropping gracefully over her back. Moved lightly if a tad close behind but is a quality bitch. Best Veteran.
2. Mowatt’s ASMENA FAIRY FOOTSTEPS. An 8 year old b/w bitch who had seen it all and was not overly impressed. Did just enough and no more. She was short of coat but this left a decent construction on view and she moved cleanly albeit without enthusiasm. Her head is balanced, her expression is characteristic and I am sure she could look very different if she gave it her best shot!

1. Crane’s CRANVARL TRULY SCRUMPTIOUS. 6 months and 3 days old and there could be no other name for her. Absolutely mouth-watering at this stage. Not just because of her puppy appeal but because of her many breed attributes and her steady, unabashed showmanship. Not fazed at all. Has a delightful, balanced head with everything where it should be and that concentrated, almost frowning expression peculiar to pups. Her construction was first rate and she moved cleanly, tail up and interested. I hope she continues to grow on, since I thought her to be most promising. A bitch to cherish. I could not resist her appeal later, even against several other good bitch puppies and gave her the nod for Best Puppy Bitch despite her extreme youth.

PUPPY (8,3) A challenging class where I was splitting hairs.
1. Goldie’s ARRANBROOK ENCHANTRESS. A pleasing bitch moving quite steadily. Possibly a little shallow in the head but still typical with good, dark eyes, characteristic expression, well-set ears and decent nose-placement. She is put together on sound lines and holds a correct outline, showing a firm, level back and strong quarters. A promising coat is coming through and with time, she will continue to improve.
2. Matches’ GODHEIM STAR SPANGLE BANNER AT FOCHAI. A very good moving bitch who was lacking ear furnishings and as a result, could appear a touch plain in head. She has many breed qualities, however, and although looking a little longer cast just now, I suspect that time will make a great difference as she fills her frame and grows a coat.

JUNIOR (4,2)
1. Banks’ CHOYA SAKURAKO. A lovely young b/w bitch with a real touch of quality. She is a little unevenly marked but this does not detract from her overall appeal in any way. Her head is lovely, very balanced, with dark, round eyes, good proportions and a well-cushioned muzzle giving that charming Oriental expression peculiar to the breed. Her chest shows some width, the shoulder placement is good, the back level, there is a short, firm loin and she sports well-bent stifles. Possibly a fraction narrow at the rear just now but she has lots of time and I would expect that to sort itself out very soon. Very good bitch who moved steadily and was well in my mind as I approached the bitch challenge where she gobbled some dropped bait, choked and had to be withdrawn. Such a pity!
2.Flynn’s LINJATO MISHIKO. Another nice puppy. She is soundly constructed and this was reflected in her clean action front and rear. Her head is appealing and she displays the essentials of a rounded skull, high-set ears, large dark eyes and a muzzle in balance with the skull. Could do with a little more finish to the chin but her head and expression remain typical.

NOVICE (7,4)
1. A. Enchantress.
2. Flynn’s LINJATO MIYAMI. A fairly substantially built bitch but still typy and with a touch of elegance. Altogether, she was very sweet and her head is good with attractive dark eyes and well-carried ears. Would like a little more finish to the underjaw but she still retains a characteristic expression. Overall body construction is good and she moved freely and with some power.

1. Crane’s CRANVARL LE MISTRAL. A very pretty, dainty b/w bitch, half-sister to the BPB. She still has some maturing to do and is a little light in body condition but she is a beautiful type and has lots of time to finish really well. Her head is lovely, very feminine and expressive with glorious dark eyes and a sweet, startled expression. Her body proportions are sound and she holds a characteristic outline standing and moving. Not yet in full coat but a bitch of high quality. RBB.
2. Scott’s RAKUCHIN MAID FOR SAMARANDA. A lovely bitch of broadly similar type with good head properties and a beautiful, astonished expression. She has all the constructional essentials and held a square outline, particularly on the stack. She moved with an even, fleet stride and carried herself with assurance. In decent coat but another where I suspect the best is yet to come.

LIMIT (8,3)
1. Goldie’s GODHEIM LIBERTY BELLE. Delightful young b/w bitch, very shapely and of a good overall type. She is pretty and graceful, moving nimbly and securely, holding herself with confidence and retaining her outline. Her head is very satisfactory with correct skull to muzzle proportions, dark, lustrous eyes, good, pert nose placement and high-set ears which she uses. Has a soundly constructed body with good bend of stifle, level back and tight loin. In reasonable coat and presented a very typical picture overall. BB and BOS.
2. Curtis’ ALEEMAI GEISHA GIRL. A slightly longer cast bitch but still very typical with lovely head qualities, a puzzled expression and large, dark eyes. Not moving quite so steadily to-day but is built on correct lines and held herself well. Useful bitch.

OPEN (7,2)
1. Wolfenden’s BECHINKA MOZO. A bitch built on quite fine lines and her head is arguably a little small but she projects a typical picture overall and is pretty and refined. Her expression is characteristic, the eyes dark and well-placed and her head is framed by high-set ears carrying long fringes and adding to her glamour. She is well put together with good body shape, a level back and decent angulation. She moved adequately but not all that enthusiastically and was in reasonable coat.
2. Goldie’s GODHEIM VIRGINIA. A bitch of similar type but tiring and feeling the heat by this time and did not give of her best. Overall, she presents a typical picture with good body proportions, correct tail carriage and adequate angulation. Her head is attractive with large eyes, sufficient cushioning and the expected surprised outlook. Moved reasonably steadily.
3. Andrews’ NACHI KIMIKO.

Ian Millar

Comments from exhibitors

Back home after yesterday’s trip down memory lane … In 1975 as a school girl I paid my first visit to Outwood Memorial hall to attend an Japanese Chin Club open show – the first time they had held a show ‘up north’. Brian Mitchell was the Secretary and Mrs. Reeves the judge (mum of Chris). We showed two Red & White bitches getting well placed with both. So, the years have flown by and yesterday I was honoured to accept the invitation to be a Vice President of the Northern Japanese Chin Club. Well done to the Officers and committee for putting on such an excellent show.

Jennifer Matches, Vice President

What a great show, I would like to thank all members who attended and those of you who donated raffle prizes especially Tina Pearce and Sue Hann for the bags and bags full of goodies, glad we could help with the house clearance lol. We raised £200 selling tickets. Thank you also to those of you who donated gifts for class and final placings. They were all fantastic prizes. Xxx

Carole Jackson

A big thank you to our show sponsors

Royal Canin